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In order to try to protect the environment and reduce dependence on oil resources, Sharif Bio-Polymer Company has introduced its product portfolio called Manioc to the country's packaging industry. This family of products, which is the result of long-term research in this field, is made by mixing thermoplastic starch and other polymers. The Manioc family of products is offered to customers in two groups: Manioc with biological origin: This group includes mixtures of thermoplastic starch and petroleum-derived plastics such as polyathylene, polypropylene and polystyrene. The purpose of offering this type of product is to reduce the consumption of polymers of petroleum origin and thus reduce dependence on non-renewable oil resources. Manioc Biodegradable: This group includes mixtures of thermoplastic starch with biodegradable polymers such as PLA and PBAT. This group of products has the ability to be completely destroyed in the natural environment after the end of the consumption period. The Maniok product portfolio is able to meet the needs of the packaging industry in the field of film, injection products, and thermoforming products. The production process of this family of materials does not require new equipment and is in line with the conventional machinery of the packaging industry. Manioc family products are OK-BioBased certified by the Vincote Institute in Belgium. The institute is one of the most reputable international organizations for approving the features of environmentally friendly products.