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Saeed Zakaei, CEO of Parsaplimer Sharif Company, who was a member of the delegation accompanying Mr. Zarif on this trip, talks about this trip.

The State Department's travels have usually focused on political issues, and the issue of the economy has been a top priority, while many countries, their political movements and positions, are strongly in favor of economic interests.
For example, the presence of the Prime Minister of Norway in our country, whose marketing activities had a lot of feedback, as well as the Korean Embassy's repeated calls to our company for marketing for their new companies, is a practical example of these moves against the macro-policies of their economies. .
Fortunately, in recent years, the Chamber of Commerce's interaction with the State Department to engage in political programs with an economic purpose has increased.
But in this movement, most of the commercial goals and in the best conditions of export, limited items such as pistachios, carpets, etc. are achieved.
Following the follow-up, with the help of the Nanotechnology Development Headquarters, a delegation from the Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Department officially joined the economic and political team for the first time to begin serious interactions in the field of new technology.
We should not only recognize our country as the exporter of raw materials or traditional products to the world, but there are also serious technological capabilities to interact with the world. The presence of 3 companies in the polymer industry in the field of nanotechnology, which was accompanied by a serious welcome from Dr. Zarif, does not indicate a change in the country's approach and the development of export products in these fields.
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