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Caspian production site official opening

Caspian production site official opening

After 10 years of experience in Parsa Polymer Sharif Company in the field of industry, now the new production unit of this company with a capacity of 20,000 tons per year will be opened by hardworking and capable employees on March 26 of this year, simultaneously with Engineer's Day. We take this coincidence as a good omen and congratulate all the engineers active in various fields of industry, including the plastics, automotive, plumbing, etc. industries.

It is hoped that with the help of capable engineers, this frontier of domestic production will flourish.

Parsa Sharif Parsa Polymer Innovation and Technology Center (abbreviated Nafa) is an industrial research center established with the aim of meeting the research needs of Parsa Sharif Parsa Company and completing the science-to-industry production chain by improving the level of technology. The center receives basic academic research results on a case-by-case basis and presents them in the form of industry-usable technology and innovative products in line with global trends. In addition, the center can become a scientific hub to provide consulting, laboratory and technological services to Parsa Polymer customers, independent researchers and start-up knowledge-based companies.

After the implementation of the company's development plan and the transfer of the production unit to the Caspian industrial city, the previous location of the factory located in Quds city was prepared and equipped for the establishment of Nafa Center. The presence of an expert and capable research team led by the company's research and development management, as well as the availability of equipment such as laboratory mix extruder, injection molding machine and equipped laboratory unit, has provided a unique opportunity to establish a professional industrial research center. Let's celebrate the country.
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