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Official launch of the Applied Nanotechnology Industry Center (ICAN)

Industrialization Center for Applied Nanotechnology (ICAN) with the presence and participation of Parsa Polymer Sharif Company and 5 other knowledge-based companies in the field of nanotechnology has officially started its activities in September 2017. The center is ready to provide its material and spiritual support to interested researchers in these fields by focusing on 6 platforms of polymer nanocomposite technology, hard nanocoatings, nanocavitation, nanofibers, cold plasma and nanomaterials.

In order to develop the economy based on nanotechnology, the Special Staff for the Development of Nanotechnology, in accordance with its second ten-year plan (Vision 1404), has set up an applied nanotechnology manufacturing center with semi-industrial equipment and machinery from six nanotechnology platforms.

ICAN has been set up in an area of ​​1,000 square meters with the participation of six knowledge-based technology platform owners (including Parsa Sharif Parsa) to achieve the semi-industrial and industrial concepts of nanotechnology from the original ideas and examples.

ICAN currently focuses its services on the following technology platform:

Hard nanocoatings
Polymeric nanocomposite
Cold plasma
The center is looking for ways to engage researchers and academics who are interested in using the center's facilities and machinery to carry out or participate in applied projects, and to benefit from the center's facilities in the form of material and spiritual support. These areas are as follows:

1- Providing manufacturing and production services with laboratory and semi-industrial equipment

2- Creating a suitable platform for technology development and application development in the form of industrial dissertations

3- Creating an opportunity to participate in projects arising from industrial demand or challenges

ICAN has officially started its activities since the beginning of September of this year on the website of Nanotechnology of the Revolutionary Research Complex.

For more information, proceed as follows:

Email: ICAN@nano.ir

Phone: 021-56277152, 021-56277146 and 021-56277183
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