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Parsa Polymer Sharif Company's achievements in the automotive industry

Parsa Polymer Sharif, as the first knowledge-based company in Iran, has always had a special focus on developing innovative solutions in providing products based on thermoplastic plastics, especially polypropylene for the automotive industry. The company has found a reliable partner.

Parsa Sharif Parsa Polymer products, in addition to creating good performance in line with global standards, also have the advantage of increasing productivity by reducing the price of materials and energy for the consumer. Many years of interaction and cooperation with automakers have created a special understanding of the needs of the automotive industry in the Parsa Polymer Sharif collection, which has focused on research and development projects to introduce new products.

Parsa Polymer Sharif's four main product groups for the automotive industry:
ParsaFlex is a high-impact polypropylene-based self-adhesive blend group with unique features such as high scratch resistance.
ParsaFill Polypropylene-based composites reinforced with mineral fillers or fiberglass with high strength and low shrinkage
ParsaAlloy Advanced polymer alloy group with mechanical properties and unparalleled impact and excellent surface quality
ParsaNano Polyacolphin nanocomposites with high physical and mechanical properties with the potential to replace engineering polymers

Comparison of scratch test results on samples prepared from a common mixture (right) and a scratch-resistant and scratch-resistant mixture of Parsa Sharif polymer (left)

Surface quality by international standards
The appearance of the parts is the first and most influential factor in shaping the customer's opinion about the quality of car manufacturing. That's why Parsa Polymer Sharif's approach has been to offer blends that meet a high level of quality. The presentation of scratch and scratch-resistant self-adhesive mixtures along with the creation of a wide process window to achieve aesthetic requirements (absence of surface gloss and non-colored alignments) is defined in line with this goal
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