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Piping Industry Along with the innovations in plastic materials, pipe industry has been revolutionized over the past few decades. The growing need for high performance and durable pipes has made plastic compounders to develop advanced materials based on polyolefins. Parsa Polymer Sharif presents special products for polymeric pipes and fittings based on polyolefin, which gives the produced pipe unique mechanical properties, while having low melt flow index, high heat stability and great process ability. High impact strength High ring stiffness Light weight Easy handling and installation Long-term Strength Download Piping Catalog ParsaNano, a newly designed nano-composite for silent piping systems Nowadays, it is important in buildings that the sewage systems be as silent as possible, especially in cases such as discharge of kitchen appliances. For many years, cast iron pipes and fittings have served successfully, due to their large density which provides sufficient sound attenuation. New building designs, however, do not tolerate heavy cast iron pipes and prefer plastic replacements. Practical approaches tried earlier to overcome the weakness of plastics in sound attenuation was to increase pipe’s thickness, which increased pipe weight and installation difficulties, and introducing mineral fillers in plastic pipes which was achieved at the cost of mechanical properties, especially impact strength. More recently, multi-layer pipe technology was developed to improve mechanical properties of pipes while maintaining the sound attenuation characteristics of filled PP. Although this technology has made a great success; impact strength of manufactured pipes is still un-satisfactory because of the inherent properties of filled PP. ParsaNano silent formulations are materials of choice for pipe manufacturers who look for the benefits of low weight and easy to work with plastic pipes along with the sound attenuation and excellent mechanical properties. Engineered bimodal size distribution of mineral particles (micro and nano-sized) has enabled ParsaNano to provide amazing improvement in both mechanical and sound insulation properties. Combining ParsaNano material and multi-layer technology, manufacturers can reduce pipe thickness and therefore pipe weight (compared to thick wall silent pipes), while having a great insulation and mechanical properties. These pipes are excellent from aesthetic point of view as well. Pipes made with ParsaNano materials are approved by Fraunhofer Institute, Germany, as silent pipe with sound level equal to 15 dB.

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